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Five notes of computer usage should pay attention during pregnancy

The main harmful factor for pregnant women go online is the electromagnetic radiation. Usually we think that women and children are most sensitive to radiation, especially pregnant women and the fetus of the pregnant woman is the key protection object. Pregnant women excessive use of computer can cause infantile epilepsy. Especially in the 4 months early pregnancy is the fetal brain cell differentiation and growth period, if has long been under the radiation or ultrasonic interference environment, it is very easy to cause fetal brain gene mutations.


1, pay attention to rest, prevent tendon strain

Long time operate the computer will cause finger joints, wrist, arm muscles, shoulders, neck, back and other parts appear pain, therefore, pregnant mothers should rest for 10 minutes in an hour, or do the work break exercises.

2, pay attention to eye health

It is better to keep more than 50 CM distance between the eyes and presentation documents or the computer screen with 20 degree view of the light.


3, computer room should always ventilation

Install a fan or air conditioning in the computer room to reduce the body damage from bromine. The dust density near the computer is 100 times than the other space, and this dust long time attached to the skin can lead to all kinds of skin disease. Computer room need to keep clean, and the computer should be cleaned on a regular basis.

4, pay attention to keep the skin clean

Computer screen surface has a large amount of static electricity, and the dust can be transferred to the face and hands exposed skin, so it prone to get rash, pigmentation, severe cases may even cause skin lesions after a long time.


5, must use the correct typing position

The correct typing position plays an important role in the body health, so it is recommended to check your sitting posture. If you need to use computer for long time, the poor posture can cause great harm to your body.

The computer radiation will have some impact for the pregnant mother, and will have some effects on the fetus, but as long as the proper usage of computer, following the above FIVE hints, there will be no big problem to use computer during the pregnant period.


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