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Garlic and onions antitumor allies should not miss in your diet

Both garlic and onions belong to such class bulbous plants Allium characterized above all by its sulfur content. They are a basic and necessary spice in cuisines all over the world. Therefore, we can say that are almost the DNA of our dishes. Now, you also know that the necessary compounds can act in a very interesting way to defend against dissimilar types of tumor processes. We offer all the in order in the following article.

Garlic and onions protectors of our health

They have conducted several studies to find out whether garlic and onions have some direct benefit, which can prevent cancer. We can say that the results are dissimilar and that we should consider the following. The national cancer institute of the United States indicates that these two bulbous plants cannot prevent 100% that we develop cancer.


It also recognizes that garlic is a food that may have anticancer properties very interesting and is being studied for several years by the pharmaceutical industry. Studies worldwide have been mixed and, today, are unknown what quantities would be appropriate to benefit from the active ingredients that can help to stop within a range the incidence of cancer. According to various studies cancers that have most helped prevent are those associated with the digestive system such as stomach cancer or colorectal.

Discover the great benefits of eating garlic fasten

The anticancer properties of garlic are higher than onion. This is due in particular to argentine oligosaccharides and their selenium elements very beneficial for health. Oncologists indicate that although epidemiological studies have been mixed the only object conclusion has been able to obtain is that onions and garlic can prevent not cure many diseases associated with the gastrointestinal tract. This quercetin in these two plants is one of the most interesting compounds. It is the most powerful bioflavonoid to address the appearance of cancer cells.

Today they are conducting many clinical trials to isolate this type of bioflavonoid and synthesize experimental drugs. Experts indicate that garlic and onions are suitable to act as protectors against cancer but we have to also take into account the lifestyles of each person their demographic characteristics and to assess their personal benefit with more objectivity and security. However, a diet rich in bioflavonoids always be suitable for everyone but we accompany it with a healthy lifestyle where you set aside the snuff and nourish us properly.

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