PRO meal: Mexican stuffed sweet potatoes

I’m fully convinced that everything goes with sweet potato.

Sweet potato

You can add more sweet (butter, brown sugar and cinnamon = the trifecta of foodgasms) or use the sweet potato as a lovely complement to your favorite savory dishes. One of my all-time favorite sweet potato combos: atop a salad with rotisserie chicken, goat cheese and balsamic dressing- it’s absolutely heavenly.

Here’s a new favorite:

Mexican stuffed sweet potato

Stuffed sp

Most of the components to this meal were made in my Sunday prep, so I just needed to quickly combine, heat and eat.

Oh, and serve bites to a tiny opera singer in her high chair.

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-Baked sweet potato

-Marinated chicken

-Goat cheese

-Beans (we had kidney on hand, but anything would work!)

-Salad greens



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Blog photos  1 of 1

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Sweet pot  1 of 1 3

This would also be fantastic with tempeh instead of chicken, or a dollop of Greek yogurt and some sliced scallions.

Hope you enjoy this quick and easy lunch combo! <3



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