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Some Benefits of Caffeine for Health

Caffeine is a substance contained in some plants such as coffee beans, tea and cocoa or coffee brown. Caffeine This is a xanthine alkaloid compound that has the crystal form and has a bitter taste. The content of caffeine contained in a plant usually different. For example, the content of caffeine in coffee robusta will be higher when compared to the caffeine content of arabica coffee.

Even tea caffeine also turned out to have more, but, because people who consume small amounts. The resulting impact of caffeine in tea is not as strong as that of the coffee bean, which has been processed into coffee powder. Many people assume that caffeine is not good for the body. However, with the appropriate dose, it turns out caffeine has health benefits such as the following explanation:


1. Prevent drowsiness
The first benefits of caffeine which is already well-known long ago. Many people consume caffeinated coffee so that they can eliminate sleepiness coming. Scientific explanation is simple enough. The content of caffeine as a stimulant that has psychoactive properties and will make a mild diuretic hormone produced more adrenaline. As a result the body is going to feel more refreshed so that sleepiness was gone.

2. Improve Memory
In addition to eliminating sleepiness, caffeine is also found to improve memory or the memory of a person. Is evident from a study conducted by Johns Hopkins Uneversity in the United States. There are about 160 people were given different treatment which part will be given as much as 200 mg of caffeine, while others are given artificial caffeine. The result is that the person who is rarely consume caffeine.

The dose of 200 mg, was able to add to their memory as they can remember the pictures given earlier. So, for those who rarely consume caffeine, you can improve your memory.

3. Increase stamina after exercise
Turns out caffeine was able to increase the stamina of the body after exercise. To get maximum results, you can consume beverages containing caffeine and carbohydrate foods. The combination of both will help the body to replenish muscle glycogen lost during exercise so that it will accelerate muscle regeneration. In addition, caffeine also will treat muscle soreness after exercise so stamina will recover. So, after exercise, caffeinated beverages is the right choice.

4. Prevent Parkinson and Alzheimer
A disease that attacks the brain, would interfere with brain function as a memory. That where a person will experience memory loss and even could be someone not able to remember anything anymore. With a psychoactive stimulant drug content and a mild diuretic contained in caffeine, it terdebut will make the brain would be better to save memory and events ever experienced by a person.

5. Helps colon cleansing
Caffeine also may help the body to cleanse the colon of toxic substances. How could it be? It can terkadi because the caffeine, there is a crystalline xanthine alkaloid compound that will cleanse your colon of toxic substances. Of course, the dose of caffeine here should be enough, meaning that should not be excessive. Due to excessive caffeine is not good for you because it can trigger gastric ulcer disease. The function of caffeine is what can prevent intestinal diseases ranging from mild to serious diseases such as colon cancer.

6. Prevent Depression
Xanthine alkaloid compound present in caffeine substances proven to stimulate the release of dopamine, which is neirotransmitter whose task is to activate the pleasure center in the brain. With the issuance of these substances, the body will get pleasure increased and the result is depression will be reduced.

Furthermore, with a reduced sense of depression, it contributed to the decline of dangerous diseases such as stroke. So, with this caffeine, one can also lower the risk of stroke, as most depression is caused by a person who affects the unhealthy lifestyles that trigger this deadly disease.

7. Preventing skin cancer
Apparently, in addition to be able to ward off disease in the large intestine, other benefits of caffeine is to prevent skin cancer. In this case, caffeine also can prevent skin cancer. According to research, people who consume caffeine every day in small doses will lower the risk of skin cancer compared to those who do not consume caffeine at all.

8. Lose weight
Another benefit of caffeine is that it can help you to lose weight. According to the study, caffeine can suppress one’s appetite so the person will not constantly feel hungry after consuming caffeine. Clearly the benefits of caffeine will greatly assist you who want to go on a diet or weight loss program. With the right dose of caffeine every day, caffeine will certainly be able to make your diet will be successful.

9. Increase the body’s energy
Consuming caffeine is apparently not all of them will negatively impact the body. With the right dose of caffeine can also help you to enhance the body’s energy. Xanthine alkaloid compounds that exist on caffeine will help the body release more hormones epinephrine. This hormone is a hormone related to adrenaline in the body. If these hormones increases in the body, then the person adrenalin will increase so that a person will feel an increase in energy in the body.

10. Reduce the risk of diabetes
As we know, diabetes is a disease which is also commonly referred to as diabetes due to reduced ability of the body to absorb sugar and convert it into energy. If a person has been affected by diabetes, will certainly a lot of foods that should be avoided, especially sweet foods. Not just people with diabetes who have to keep the intake of sugar, a healthy person should do the same thing.

Consumption of caffeine has a bitter taste, which is the right solution. By consuming these caffeine, sugar levels in the blood will be more controlled than those who do not consume caffeine.

That’s some of the benefits of caffeine that should be known. Of course, these benefits will not be obtained with excessive doses. Therefore, consume caffeine wisely at a dose sufficient to provide good benefits can be felt by the body.

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