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Stay on track with these health treats

Don’t let a sweet tooth derail your diet efforts. Whilst it’s hard to to steer clear of the sweet stuff altogether, there are healthierchoices you can make and still treat yourself to some delicious snacks. Check out our pick of guilt-free treats to satisfy your cravings…
Chocolate and mint, £3.99
We haven’t gone mad, TeaPigs chocoalte and mint tea uses cocao husk which tastes completely different to the rich chocolate sweet you’re thinking of. Naturally sweet, it’s a great after dinnertreat, especially if friends are trying to tempt you with sugar-laden choccies and puds! (Note: this tea is dairy and gluten free, suitable for vegetarians and vegans but made in a facotry that handles nuts).
Rude Health, The Pumpkin bar, 99p
Try this sweet and spicy pumpkin bar. It’s an easy grab and go option when you’re in a rush, plus, with no gluten, added salt or refined sugar, you can snack on this and still stay smug!
Swap a sprinkling of sugar on your breakfast, for cinnamon. This naturally sweet spice tastes great in porridge and sprinkled over yoghurt or homemade muesli, plus it’s a natural thermogenic which means it can boost your fat burn – hooray!
Wholefood Baking by Jude Blereau, £17.99
For more ideas on creating diet-friendly treats, check out Wholefood Baking, by Jude Blereau. This beautiful cookbook has over 120 recipes for cakes, pastries and biscuits using the healthiest ingredients.

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