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Which part of a woman attract man most?

The first “lure” people parts: breast

40% of men choose it as the first

Almost all women know that there is a proportional relationship between the bust size and the attraction of a man. This is why so many breast related products in the market, and everything can let a woman cut the purse. Hollywood also know that breast has magic effect on man, so to women to seduce men plot, most of the time will allow the former solution out of the few single coat buttons.

In fact, it is only the surface, women will never be able to understand the man obsessed to the breast, and they can all night linger in the soft, silky skin. She might be surprised: does he still remember as a child of the scene. Perhaps, because the breast is a perfect place.


Second “lure” person position: hand

12% of men choose it as the first

Holding a woman’s hand almost equal to the captured her heart to a man. Most men like to hold her hand, feel its warmth, or bring it, kiss the back or wrist, gentle but also can make a man feel.

The third part: the genitals area

10% of men choose it as the first

Its short listed because it is mysterious and desirable, as if it is born to attract men’s attention. Reason why men are so fond of this part there is another layer that women’s genitals can not only let him feel ecstasy, but also can let the woman reacted strongly. This will arouse a sense of satisfaction of men, because he has the ability to make their favorite woman, and men are very much like the feeling of conquest. Women may be worried about that part is a little dirty, in fact, this fear is unnecessary, the man will never think the place dirty.

Fourth “lure” person position: hip

9% of men choose it as the first

Why do teachers and parents always educate their children that they can’t walk twisting their hips, because it looks like they are going to be wild. On the other hand, the hips are a very important part of the body curve, and are closely related to the sex. Furthermore, it should be noted that the hips are so close to the female sex appeal, and that men who like the way of unconventional sex like it even more than the most intimate part of the female.

Fifth “lure” person position: feet

8% of men choose it as the first

The feet are parallel with private’s position in ancient China, which are the last line of women defense. Nonlocal A-class porn videos, often to lick foot as caused by the resonance of the audience, you don’t know how let the audience excited, but look at the sales, woman is largely know its lethality of man.


Sixth “lure” person part: abdomen

7% of men choose it as the first

As long as it is close to the female genitals parts will be able to get the favor of the man. Abdominal position is not so simple, it from the breast is also near, so the gentle caresses or warm caress, the abdomen the necessary path from the breast to the genitals area.

Seventh “lure” people parts: hair

5% of men choose it as the first

See the woman from behind, hair accounted for almost half of her image; and see the woman from the front, the hair is also so eye-catching. Although the hair has not a little of the skin characteristics, but it has its unique elegant gravity. It is said that 80% of men are like long hair woman, due to the long hair is the source of a woman. Man has a long hair will give people strange feeling. But a black beautiful long hair woman is always attract men’s attention.

Eighth “lure” people place: waist

4% of men choose it as the first

Since ancient times, the standard of a beautiful woman has been changed all the time in men’s minds, but the woman’s waist is the object of their always carefully inspected. Men and women in love whispers of love, the man likes to hand clings in the woman’s waist, so as to get a similar sharing. Clothing designer is also well versed in a woman’s waist magic function, have launched dew waist sexy fashion, which can really attracted to the attention of many men.

Ninth “lure” people parts: back

3% of men choose it as the first

Some parts are usually not easily exposed. If the evening dress strapless, wearing has crossed early sexy; but a halter, is almost to highly sexy level. The smooth back skin is just like the the western United States in the eighteenth Century, always spur a man desperately to get there.

Tenth “lure” person position: thigh

2% of men choose it as the first

Men are born as if they love to see a woman wearing a skirt, not to look at the skirt itself, but to look at the legs. This is not a problem of abnormal condition, it is a fact of the problem. The symmetry without explicit sensuality thigh is great weapon to man.

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